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 AMPPS 3.9 :: Adding Domain name Return Error, AMPPS 3.9 :: Win10 64bit (1 Replies, Read 956 times)
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W4C Technical Support Team
Stuck with 3.8 MySQL connection denied, Uninstalled and Reinstalled with AMPPS 3.9

However Trying to Add Domain in the localhost thru AMPPS Panel returned Error. Besides the 'Error', the loading icon continuosly rotating

Neither added the entry in AMPPS panel nor in the host file.

However we checked the root/www and  found the domain has been added with the above error.

But the installed project url did not work although when you successfully installed the app thru installer.

This was not the case in AMPPS 3.8 which were added and deleted the domain without issue. The only issue we had to face due to AMPPS 3.8 that it landed up in the PHPmyAdmin failed to connect with same password 'msyql ' in my.conf but phpmyadmin did not accept and frustrated until a week we just unistalled (lost to projects)

But Ampps 3.9 of domain addin issue is having this issue even after three times.clean reinstall
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AMPPS 3.9 :: Adding Domain name Return Error
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Did you solve the problem ?
I got more or less the same problem on High Sierra and Catalina. I tried a clean install but it fails again.
I contacted the support and the alone answer I've got is: "wait for the Ampps 4.0"...
Very professional. All our projects are locked because of Ampps problem.
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