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 Moving from WHM Cpanel (2 Replies, Read 2635 times)
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I am thinking about moving out of WHM Cpanel to a new alternative software for my Apache 2.4 Centos 7.4 PHP 7.2 server . I really liked Virtualizor design. Please, let me know:

1. Is Virtualizor compatible with my above server setup
2. Can I install the CSF Firewall with Virtualizor
3. Is there any way to enable/disable Apache, PHP modules inside Virtualizor without need to do it through the command line? That would be an EasyApache equivalent.
4. Could not find where to configure the emails DKIM, VFP and other inside Virtualizor
5. Please is there any equivalent in Virtualizor for the Edit DNS Zone? Could not find it.

Any advice is welcome.


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 itmonitor   Moving from WHM Cpanel (2 Replies, Read 2635 times)
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