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 Make ampps apps online, Yes, you can use Ampps online (1 Replies, Read 15525 times)
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Here is my example of how one gets Ampps blog online.
The prerequisite for this is telling you that you have the opportunity to use port 80 on your router and att you have a usable fast internet connection. I use 30mbs network in my ex and it works fine.

First you must configure your router to accept port 80. You should have one machine on a port on your router and the other computer on another port. The port you have ampps installed should have port 80. However, this depends on your router and the router you have. Se this link: How To Forward Ports on Your Router

2. You must obtain a domain. That to obtain free here: Get a Free .TK Domain Name

3.So you need to obtain a free dynamic DNS service provider. There you have here: free dynamic DNS service

When you add domain in ampps, then you take it unchecked for "Is Domain Addon or Parked?" so att you only see localhost number.

Once you install your blog, then select the domain in the installation of the blog.

Now it's no longer just you who see your blog, but everyone else on the internet. You have a dedicated server. How email system works in relation to this, I do not, do not use the online email system Oxwall.

When it comes to ftp to this system, then you only have access to offline ftp "localhost" + username and password you used when you Add FTP Account. You type "localhost" username and password when you install additional / configure in your blog. Are you having online ftp, you must hire an online server host.

This is one way to do it.

The other is and set up one local network between your two computers. But this you must ask in a different forum, where discussing such solutions.

A very important safety tips
But a safety tip from me here, before you open your blog to the world.
Install a good firewall and antivirus program on your computer. And you have the opportunity for it, so install security plugin in your blog if it exists! Be sure and use robust username and password on both ampps, localhost ftp and your blog. One should make it as difficult for hackers as possible by using both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in all username and password, admin, ftp, databases, etc. Be sure to you that you have taken these precautions before you open your blog to the world via one domain with dynamic ip.

But nothing is 100%. Not for anyone, not even for other suppliers of webhost.
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Make ampps apps online
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My example above here are taken from my Ampps installation in Windows 10.
I have mtt social networks up: Open all days: 12:00 - 01:00. ......Time zone Sweden.

So you can see that my ex works in reality. I now work with my network in over three years, but the last six months I've had my network in my own home server. And so far it has worked without any major problem.
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