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 Anyone using Rapidswitch Servers read this (0 Replies, Read 14513 times)
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I received the below notice from one of my VPS suppliers, i have also confirmed this will effect all Rapidswitch servers

Dear valued customer,

Our data-centre will be carrying out
some maintenance which will cause a disruption to ALL web hosting,
reseller hosting, master reseller hosting and SHOUTcast server

Maintenance Type: Infrastructure
Expected effect on your service: Servers will loose power, thus websites/SHOUTcasts will be unreachable
Expected downtime duration: <8 hours (between 5 and 8 hours)
This will occur between 00:00 and 08:00 on 02/10/2010 (UK Time - GMT)

The following servers are relevant to this message:
Evolution, Gravity

Our data-centre will be enacting our procedures for a controlled power
outage to RapidSwitch Spectrum House. This will happen between the hours
of 00:00 and 08:00 on Saturday 02/10/10.
- These procedures are being put into action to allow essential repairs to the main power systems in RSH North.
As part of procedures for restoration of power there will additional
staff on site. They will be checking that all services have power
restored and pro-actively investigating any issues reported by the
monitoring system. Our data-centre monitoring systems have been
configured correctly for our servers in order to achieve full service as
quickly as possible after the downtime.
- In preparation for this,
we have migrated our main website, client area and support system into
'the cloud' of a data-centre very nearby to RapidSwitch (location of
evolution and gravity servers). This will ensure that you will always be
able to reach us, the support system and management of your products
and domains throughout any period of downtime. Furthermore, as it is in a
cloud, it is even more unlikely to have any downtime at all.

Sequence of Events
00:00: Power down of servers in the whole data-centre (gracefully) will begin
01:00: Maintenance on the power system will commence
Scheduled start time for restoring power across the data-centre in
stages with staff pro-actively investigating and restoring service to
servers if needed
08:00: All servers will definitely be back online

Technical explanation of cause
data-centre recently installed a fourth 500kva UPS into the data centre
to add resilience and capacity to the power systems. The data centre
was designed with this in mind, so the appropriate connections exist on
the Schneider UPS Output Panel (that feeds all servers from a common
busbar) to connect this UPS. During the installation of the UPS,
engineers discovered there was a fault with the panel which meant the
additional UPS could not be connected. To repair this fault, we need to
electrically isolate the panel, as engineers cannot work on the panel
while it is live for safety reasons. The manufacturer of the panel,
Schneider, is sending a team of engineers to repair the panel so it can
accept the fourth 500kva UPS.

For updates during the scheduled maintenance, please visit http://servicestatus.rapidswitch.com/ where regular updates on progress will be provided.

apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, please do not hesitate
to contact us if you have any queries or questions regarding this
maintenance window. We understand this is a heavy period of downtime and
will discuss any concerns you have about it gladly.

Date - 02/10/2010 00:00 - 02/10/2010 02:00

Niceday Hosting
Tophosting UK
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