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 Virtualizor Proxmox Features, I am in doubt about how the virtualizor proxmox should work. (1 Replies, Read 1114 times)
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I have problems with the Virtualizor KVM to get VPS statistics, such as CPU usage and disk read / write. They do not seem to show me accurate data. And when I used Proxmox (without virtualizor), that seemed to me a lot better.

Then I saw the Virtualizor now supports Proxmox. But I'd like to know if all features that currently have no Virtualizor KVM are available in it as well.

Features such as:
- DHCP for Windows Machines.
- Set Password On Windows and Linux Machines.
- Creation of customized images.
- Migration between nodes.
- Automatic Network setup on Linux Machines and others services configuration like Virtualizor KVM.

Also, I wonder if this is in a stable, production-ready release.

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Virtualizor Proxmox Features
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I am also interested in this, but it seems there is very little documentation on it and on a bare install with Debian 9 I am getting errors trying to create vps and storage being added showing 0 space.
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