Topic : Network Interface Type not defaulting to defined Plan setting

Posted By: thirdgen on July 22, 2020, 3:48 am
From the Virtualizor Admin page, when attempting to create a new VPS or update an existing VPS with a VPS Plan results in the Virtual Network Interface Type field under Network Settings not defaulting to the plan's defined setting.  In this particular case, "virtio".  As a workaround, during VPS creation the field will be defaulted blank and can be manually selected to correct the issue.  However, when updating a VPS to a new Plan, its configuration setting does not take at all and results in the conf file (i.e v1001.xml) omitting the respective dev type field completely.  Further workaround requires "flipping" the Network Interface Type to another selection, saving the VPS and then flipping it back to the intended type.  This results in the proper line entry being generated under kvm-conf.

Reviewing the VPS Plan configuration does yield in the correct entry being present.

Current Version: 3.0.3p7
Able to be reproduced under a freshly installed vanilla system.

Posted By: thirdgen on September 20, 2020, 1:00 am | Post: 1
Just a follow-up, this appears to be resolved under the latest version, 3.0.4p7.

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