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 Heartbleed workaround for Virtualizor (1 Replies, Read 1711 times)
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First off all install and verifies  that you have the fixed bug of OpenSSL
(Release : 16.el6_5.7) install


yum update

yum info openssl

#it should give you ####
#Name        : openssl
#Arch        : x86_64
#Version    : 1.0.1e
#Release    : 16.el6_5.7
#Size        : 4.0 M
#Repo        : installed
#From repo  : updates

#you should have ==>> Release : 16.el6_5.7  install in your machine
Next, install and verifies  that you have the newest NGNIX(1.4.7) install in your machine

install the NGNIX using


rpm -ivh nginx-release-rhel-6-0.el6.ngx.noarch.rpm

yum install nginx


yum info nginx

#it should give you ####
#Name        : nginx
#Arch        : x86_64
#Version    : 1.4.7
#Release    : 1.el6.ngx
#Size        : 771 k
#Repo        : installed
#From repo  : nginx

And finally, let the Virtualizor use the newly installed NGNIX.


cd usr/local/emps/sbin/

## make a back up of the old one.
mv nginx nginx_bnk

## create a symbolic link
ln -s /usr/sbin/nginx nginx

## do the restart of Virtualizor
/etc/init.d/virtualizor restart

Done... :D

now verify your newly fixed workaround

It should give green color on your website. :D
PS. This have been test on Virtualizor 2.4.3
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Heartbleed workaround for Virtualizor
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Thank you for taking time and responding with a solution for Heartbleed issue.

We do not recommend the manual update of OpenSSL as we maintain our own custom stack. We had released a fix yesterday which address and fixes the issue.

Your server's Virtualizor EMPS package needs to be updated. To update it, please follow http://www.virtualizor.com/blog/?p=577

Please let us know if you need any further information.

Virtualizor Team.
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