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 Accessing a localhost site from other local computers, Trying to work on/ view sites hosted locally using AMPPS from other local network computers (0 Replies, Read 433 times)
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I have used AMPPS to turn my desktop into a local server, and have been working on a number of wordpress sites (using the softaculous installer). They work and view fine from the localhost desktop in my office, however I now want to be able to work on these sites from other rooms in my house (so all the same local home network) via other computers/laptops I own. 
As it stands now, I am able to access the AMPPS homepage correctly from other local computers via the IP (in browser) I am also able to access my websites folders via the IP (so but selecting a sites folder does not cause it to load correctly. When I do select a folder (ex I get some of the sites text and a 404 error.
I have tried the other post solutions to no avail, so maybe there is something specific to my machines? I will provide any details necessary.

AMPPS desktop - Win10 - static IP - Added Port 80 and Port 8080 rule - Have tried disabling firewall - ISS is disabled
Laptop1 - MacOS High Sierra - Has admin privilege for AMPPS desktop
Laptop2 - Ubuntu 16 - No admin for AMPPS desktop - same issues loading sites hosted on localhost AMPPS desktop
IP: --   

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