Topic : Webuzo 3.8.6 Launched

Posted By: salman on April 26, 2023, 2:00 pm

The Webuzo Team has released version 3.8.6 which includes Incremental Backups for remote and some other  features or improvements and bug fixes.

1)[Feature] Incremental Backups for remote locations has been added. If you would like to test it, please email us at for the same and we will enable it for your license.

2)[Improvement] IPv6 only domains are now supported for emails as well.

3)[Improvement] WHMCS Usage billing feature has been added.

4)[Improvement] Added start and stop all apps CLI utility.

5)[Bug-Fix] Email delivery reports used to show the time in UTC. This is fixed to show it as per the servers timezone.

6)[Bug-Fix] Block IP wizard would show IP(s) allowed in the firewall rules. This is fixed.

7)[Bug-Fix] For Admin scheduled backups, deleted users backup process would also be started and killed. This is fixed.

8)[Bug-Fix] When webuzo hourly cron would run it would momentarily blank DB usage cache of users. This is fixed.

9)[Bug-Fix] Error pages was not being saved correctly. This is fixed.

10)[Bug-Fix] In Ubuntu / Debian servers email filters would get deleted when the user would create the 2nd filter. This is fixed.

11)[Bug-Fix] While creating a reseller in WHMCS / Blesta the account would not get created due to owner being blank. This is fixed.

12) [Bug-Fix] Address importer was not working for 2000+ records. This is fixed.

13)[Bug-Fix] Remote backup servers with special characters were not working. This is fixed.

14)[Bug-Fix] In some cases an Application via NodeJS was not working. This is fixed.

15)[Bug-Fix] In Enduser Application Manager selected application type(e.g Nodejs) was not set as default. This is fixed.

16)[Bug-Fix] Enduser Applications was not deleted after deleting user. This is fixed.

17)[Bug-Fix] Aliases was not working in Openlitespeed. This is fixed.

18)[Bug-Fix] Accessing Webuzo panel on secure port (2005, 2003) with www domains having valid SSL was not working . This is fixed.

Launched in Release Candidate(26-04-2023)Launched in Stable(05-05-2023)
Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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