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 Release Date of ampps 3.9 with mysql 5.7?, when mysql 5.7.x is supported from ampps? (1 Replies, Read 1353 times)
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sorry but google and forum-search can't find matches fro mysql 5.7.x or ampps 3.9.
I also can't find a roadmap or the release-date for ampps 3.9.
Hope someone has informations about the mysql version in it.

Does anybody know if ampps will support mysql 5.7.x in ampps version 3.9 and when the release date will be?

Kind regards

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Release Date of ampps 3.9 with mysql 5.7?
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request updated here https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=15141&title=AMPPS_3.9_%3F
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