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 Virtualizor 3.0.6 Launched (Release), Release Candidate (0 Replies, Read 12467 times)
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The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.6 (Release)
In this version we have introduced some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature] Added live migration support for KVM VM(s).

2. [Feature] Added offline cross virtualization migration support for VM(s) between KVM and XEN HVM nodes.

3. [Feature] Added backup support for VM(s) on CEPH based storage.

4. [SecurityFix] Server Keys were also sent in API call response for List VS page on Enduser panel. This is now fixed.

5. [Task] Added GPT partition support for VM(s) so that VM(s) can have partition size greater than 2TB. NOTE: It will require template with GPT partition. Click here to know how to convert MBR partition within VPS OS disk to GPT.

6. [Task] Added multiple recipes execution support within VM.

7. [Task] Rescue Disk will be created of 2GB. (Since 3.0.6)

8. [Task] Added TUN TAP support for LXC Containers.

9. [Task] Added virt-sparsify support for OpenVZ 7 KVM VM disks.

10. [Task] Now MAC address of source VM(s) will be changed after migration.

11. [Task] Now destination VM will be suspended after migration, if source VM was in suspended state before migration.

12. [Task] Resource pricing now support values upto 3 digits after decimal point.

13. [Task] Added Filter/Hook call before writing VM configuration file for KVM.

14. [Task] Added “OS Type” and “RTC” option for Proxmox KVM VM(s).

15. [Task] Now Admin can download VM / CT backup info file (i.e. “.inf” file) from Manage VPS page of Admin panel, this will allow Admin to use their own backup tool and place this inf file there. Virtualizor will then read this file to process restore to new VPS operation.

16. [Task] Updated NoVNC to latest version.

17. [Task] Added support for handling sub-delegated Reverse DNS zones. Click here for more information.

18. [BugFix] Proxmox VPS backup restore failed due to some changes made by Promox to vzdump utility, Virtualizor now handles it correctly.

19. [BugFix] PTR records did not resolved when they were added through Enduser panel and RDNS zones were added automatically. This is now fixed.

20. [BugFix] VPS root user password was not set if it was commented in passwd file within VPS. This is now fixed.

21. [BugFix] While deleting User(s) from Admin panel if PDNS server was offline and user had DNS plan assigned, at that time Virtualizor failed with fatal error. This is now fixed.

22. [BugFix] Network interface type was not shown for Proxmox KVM VM(s) under Launch Instance and Edit VPS wizard in Cloud Account. This is now fixed.

23. [BugFix] Backup of VM(s) was failing on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20 for qcow2 based storage. This is now fixed.

24. [BugFix] Swap value was not saved for OpenVZ 7 container plans. This is now fixed.

25. [BugFix] orphaneddisks() call in Virtualizor SDK was not working as expected. This is now fixed.

26. [BugFix] Allocated space for OpenVZ 7 container was counted incorrectly and due to that Server selection alogorith was not working while creating CT from WHMCS. This is now fixed.

27. [BugFix] If VPS and USERS table had large number of rows in Virtualizor database, MySQL was taking more time. This is now fixed.

28. [BugFix] On VPS restore page, javascript failed while listing VPS backup directories for file based VPS backups. This is now fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion.
We are available on Virtualizor live chat at https://virtualizor.com

Virtualizor Team.
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