Backuply v1.2.3 Launched <![CDATA[Backuply v1.2.3 Launched]]> ✨ Update Now ✨

The Change Logs are as follows:-

* [Feature] Option to add notes to every manual backup.

* [Bug-Fix] The /backuply/backups folder was getting filled with tmp files or the backup files in case of failure, which has been fixed, by adding a daily Cron to clean it.

* [Bug-Fix] Backuply Cloud storage was not getting updated on deletion or Creation of backups, it has been fixed.

* [Bug-Fix] cPgaurd was blocking restores, this has been fixed.

* [Bug-Fix] There was an issue while auto backup where the security check was failing, which was fixed.

* [Tweak] Backup Rotation was happening before the creation of the Backup, which is risky, this has been changed to delete after a successful backup.

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Backuply Team]]>
Thu, 18 Jan 2024 11:55:54 GMT