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 Make "part 2" of script updates more visisble (2 Replies, Read 3064 times)
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From time to time customers contact us because their software instalallation is "broken". Most of the times they have upgraded using softaculous but forgot to do "part 2" (the upgrade of the software itself).

I can understand the confusion. If you upgrade something using Softaculous, the page says in big bold letters:
Congratulations, the software was upgraded successfully
and the customers looks no further. If you read on (what nobody does) you get:

Gallery has been successfully upgraded at :
However, the upgrade will be completed by the software itself, so please visit the following URL : ...
So, here are my 2 suggestions:
- don't show in big bold letters that the upgrade was succesfull. Because it is not finished yet.
- Make the url stand out so people are drawn to it (big button that says click here to update).

Here is how I would do it:
- Split the process in multiple "parts", clearly indicated by eg. a progress bar
- call the copy of the upgrade files "part 1". When it's done, show a big button that says "click here to update"

Alternative solution:
- After the file copy, redirect directly to the upgrade page (you will be redirected to ... to continue the upgrade, click here if you are not redirect). You can make this an option as well so we can turn this redirect ON / OFF in cPanel.

Hope you understand / like my suggestions :)
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 How2Solutions   Make "part 2" of script updates more visisble (2 Replies, Read 3064 times)
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