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 Loging out, Webuzo continually logs out (0 Replies, Read 4322 times)
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Quote From : nikhil89 July 7, 2017, 12:22 pm


You might not have been kicked out from your Webuzo Panel. Webuzo Panel runs on session cookies. So when the session cookie expires, you are logged out of the Panel. This is a security feature in Webuzo, so that your panel does not stay logged in, if not used for long time.

Is there anyway to stop being logged out, could we have a stay logged in check box?

I know its a security feature, but if it was something like this Board Image it could be turned off when you leave the panel.

It is very annoying at times when you're working on some code and go back to the panel only to have to login again :cry:

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