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 AMPPS Softaculous 4.6.7 Launched., New UI (2 Replies, Read 9328 times)
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.6.7 for AMPPS.

1) New Look : Softaculous Enduser Panel has been completely revamped and is now Responsive as well.

2) [Feature] : Added option in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings to
store database password for users' installations in encrypted format.
More details. Note : This option requires "mcrypt" extension to be enabled.

3) [Feature] : Added auto upgrade support for Custom scripts.

4) [Feature] : Related Scripts will be displayed whenever you view a script.

5) Improved the installation upgrade page where the URL to complete the
database upgrade is displayed to notify users of the required action.

6) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings to choose the format for the date displayed in Softaculous.

7) Updated SMTP mailer library.

8) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings to disable
"Customize Theme" option for endusers. If this setting is enabled
endusers will not be able to customize the theme e.g. Header color,
Sidebar color, etc

9) Admin/Enduser can now disable email notifications for Restore installations.

10) Database Name option on the script install form has been moved to Advanced Options category.

11) Updated Italian Language.

12) Months in the date displayed by Softaculous will now be displayed in native language.

13) Added Languages : Chinese, Slovak, Polish and Czech.

14) [Feature] : Added option to choose protocol while importing an installation to Softaculous.

15) [Feature] : Added support for CRAM-MD5 with SMTP.

16) [Improvement] : Improved Softaculous API.

17) Added option in admin panel to disable protocols for endusers.

18) [Bug Fix] : Clone was unable to properly update the Foreign characters
to the database of cloned installation. This has been fixed.

19) [Bug Fix] : Disallowed . (DOT) in Cookie Name option from Softaculous
Admin panel because a . (DOT) is not allowed to be used as an array key
in $_COOKIE in PHP.

20) [Bug Fix] : When there was an error while
installing a script and the form was posted again, the language option
had additional backslash (\) causing the install to fail. This has been
fixed now.

21) [Bug Fix] : Update Software page in Softaculous
Admin panel tried to update custom script package causing a JS error.
This is fixed now.We hope you like the new changes and we will be adding more features in the upcoming releases.

The Softaculous Team
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AMPPS Softaculous 4.6.7 Launched.
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Thanks  :xd:
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AMPPS Softaculous 4.6.7 Launched.
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:xd: thanks,,,,

thanks electron forum
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