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 Introducing GoSMTP 1.0.1 WordPress SMTP plugin (0 Replies, Read 12495 times)
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The GoSMTP team has released version 1.0.1.
This version has many improvements for the GoSMTP.

GoSMTP is an SMTP mail plugin that helps make email delivery easy and reliable. GoSMTP allows you to send emails from your WordPress over SMTP or many popular email-sending services. Many web hosting companies have strict mailing rules and limits that restrict email deliverability. With GoSMTP, you will not be using your hosting provider's PHP email, but will instead be sending emails over SMTP or using APIs from different email providers.

GoSMTP supports many of your favorite SMTP providers:
1. Gmail, GSuite, Google Workspace
2. Outlook / Office 365
3. AWS
4. Zoho
5. SMTP.com
6. Sendinblue
7. Mailgun
8. Postmark
9. SendGrid
10. Chingari
11. Cendlayer
12. Or any custom SMTP provider

Email log

Email logging allows you to view all emails sent from your site. This is necessary for email record keeping and outgoing email audit. It is also helpful for debugging any outgoing email problems.

Resend email
You can resend any email from the Email Log Wizard. You can resend multiple emails in bulk.

Premium features
  1. Forward Email
  2. Email Report
coming soon features
  1. Backup Email Log
  2. Track Email Views
  3. Track Clicks
  4. Print Email
  5. Multiple Email Provider Support
  6. Export Log
  7. Multisite Support
  8. Weekly Email Summary

We hope the WordPress plugin we created will be able to help you and improve your email deliverability, and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions, you can email us at support@gosmtp.net.

Download the free version or purchase the Pro version to increase the deliverability of email on your website with GoSMTP.
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