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 Softaculous 2.9 (1 Replies, Read 29162 times)
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 2.9
This version of Softaculous has some cool new features and the ability to add custom scripts.

A complete list of changes:

1) We have added a cool new feature. Anyone can now make a Script Package and add it to Softaculous. We call them Custom Scripts. The documentation to make a package is available at Softaculous.com

2) An Installatron Converter has been added for the Endusers. The enduser will be able to synchronize installations of scripts that are common in Softaculous and Installatron.

3) phpwcms can also be imported from Fantastico.

4) MySQL name suggestion will have a random number appended at the end.

5) If the mysql database name was more than 7 characters and the account username was more than 8 characters the database was not made in the Softaculous version of Direct Admin. This is a very rare situation, but it has been fixed in Softaculous 2.9 .

6) Softaculous will suggest the user to take a backup in case of a script upgrade being available.

7) Softaculous used to suggest the user that a new upgrade was available, if the latest package of a script was not downloaded and the list of scripts (scripts.php) was downloaded. This has now been fixed.

8) The installation links will now open in a new tab or new window.

9) The Direct Admin open_basedir bug has been rectified.

10) The Security token bug in WHM has been fixed.

We hope you enjoy this version of Softaculous. The capability to add Custom Scripts will enable many hosts to add scripts that are not available in Softaculous. At the same time Script Vendors will easily be able to add scripts into Softaculous, so user can expect more scripts!

The Softaculous Team

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