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 eFront version 3.6.15, Certificates Not Working (1 Replies, Read 724 times)
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Hello all:
I have just installed 'eFront' version 3.6.15 and can not seem to get the course completion certificates to work at all.
I first viewed the online course about eFront itself and found via their own training video that you have to be logged in as a Professor, then create a course. Then after the course is created, you can customize certificates that are generated when someone completes a course.

Except that in their training video, to edit and set course certifications, you are supposed to do the following:
1 - Log in as a Professor2 - Click "My Courses"3 - Look through the list and on the course you want a cert for, look at all the little icons next to the course, and click on the "Completion" link icon.4 - When the "Completion" tab loads, you should see a link for "Certificates"...
.... Only that button doesn't exist.
I even looked at the Sofaculous online Demo, and that button is missing in the Demo version as well.
Anyone know how to get that button to re-appear?
Thank you all in advance.
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 thunderft   eFront version 3.6.15, Certificates Not Working (1 Replies, Read 724 times)
    |--  Brijesh   Hi, You will...   on June 12, 2018, 2:08 pm

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