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 Create an Image of my OS to use as a template for VPS, Create an Image of my OS to use as a template for VPS (1 Replies, Read 27814 times)
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I have a CentOS 8 server. I want to take a backup of the operating system as configured. It will be a base OS for my VPS instances on Virtualizor.

I suppose what I need to do is create an ISO of the Operating System on that machine.

Could you provide instructions, or a link to some tutorials? I have been searching for some time and haven't found a solution.

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Create an Image of my OS to use as a template for VPS
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That is not correct. I assume you have your OS on a physical server. It is not enough to just save it as ISO and have it ready to be a template.

In Virtualizor you can do 2 things:

1. INSTALL from ISO (ISO must be a OS installation disk then)
2. Install from template (which you need to create upfront)

To create your own template just do the following:

1. Install your OS from a another template or from a OS installation disk
2. Take care about disk size (make it as small as possible) and you should only use one disk!
3. configure anything to your liking, install software and so on.
4. When ready use Virtualizor to create a template out of this installation!

check out this documentation:

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