Topic : 1.6.2 broke my main website that was created with 1.5.2

Posted By: SupremeSpre on June 18, 2021, 10:30 pm
Couldn't login to the website, kept giving ssl errors with the css files for the repairme theme(you probably should update this)

did a ticket noone responded, oh well whatever.

Deleted the whole site and started from scratch.

1.5.2 had a revert feature IVE USED IT, it also did NOT delete Page content when you password protected it.

1.6.2, revert feature is gone(unless you moved it)

why do i need it?

Because i password protected all the pages while I was editing them, Got done with one page, went to start editing another and all pages that were password protected had every bit of thier content removed.

and I just spent all day on these pages and am NOT resetting the website.

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