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 Presales Questions, Softaculous or Webuzo, for VPS, AutoInstallers for WHM/cPanel (5 Replies, Read 2882 times)
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Hello, I am currently setup on a VPS with 1 shared ip across all cPanel installations I create from root in my WHM, which is currently running a premium (I'm assuming probably NOC) License version (through my current web host) of softaculous with sitepad (bundle? - it has a generic unconfigured sitepad also installed), and I need to be able to do a few things. I want to be able to:
  1. Either through cPanel or otherwise whm, be able to install different development environments like node.js, ruby on rails etc for myself only, to be able to start developing on my GPS (this particular instal doesn't seem to come with the necessary installation capabilities to install these. In the area it seems like they should be, they are just not present....how can I add these?
  2. Create custom end user auto install scripts to work with either Blesta or whmcs payment modules so that my customers can pay for their chosen hosting/website packages and then run the preconfigured custom install script at the time of purchase and then be able to access their new website immediately
  3. Configure Sitepad as an alternative choice for some clients (does this also work with blesta/whmcs, ...or?)
My questions are:
  1. Do I need to run softaculous and webuzo side by side concurrently? Or do I just need to switch the currentinstal to webuzo because it has both (server side development language environments?as well as softaculous auto install scripts), or do I need to purchase a softaculous paid license key and just update from their license (my current web hosts) to my paid license key via "refresh key" or something? Or do I need to completely reinstall everything from scratch?
  2. Can I use their license (my current web hosts) and current install or how can I switch everything over to me, so that I can charge my clients, or is that even necessary (buying a new license and switching everything over to me?
  3. Is there anything I need to do, that I have not already mentioned here that perhaps I have missed or any step I am missing in order to be able to create the 3 different environment types I mentioned above?


I have tried to thoroughly read all your documents and demo your products to learn how to go about configuring everything, but the just the sheer number of different licensing and similar product types (like webuzo and softaculous etc) is a bit confusing...

Please note that I am a single lone freelancer here, all by myself, and not a large company by any stretch, what I am looking to create are prefabricated instances (if you will) of customized wordpress sites (one who customization per auto install script) that my client will receive from me via email or what have you to go ahead and use at their leisure after testing a prior demo, liking it, and agreeing to pay for it to keep said demo.

I realize based on the way it is setup, that the demo version and purchase version need (offered to my cliets) to be contained in 2 different custom auto install scripts, rather than being able to give my clients only one version with the ability to customize the that version before any purchases take place, whereby they could save any progress on said demo and have that demo upgraded to a paid version of the same site...so the sales process for my clients would be a bit manual, in that I'd have to offer them a demo version that would not save any of their changes, then upon successful purchase (through blesta/whmcs integration), offer them (after successful payment) the 2nd script/permanent installation, they can then keep....unless there is a way to do the first...

Thanks so much,
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