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 Include latest version in user script info (2 Replies, Read 62447 times)
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The API to list user installations from the command line (https://www.softaculous.com/docs/cli/list-installations-from-cli) is a great resource for listing what scripts a user might have installed.
However, it does not include the latest version of the script.  So there's no way to programmatically determine if the user's script installed is the latest version (and would need an upgrade).
It includes the version of the script that the user has installed.  But without anything to compare it to, we don't know if the installed version is the latest version.
An alternative might be for Softaculous to keep a JSON either some where on their website or within the Softaculous script that lists EVERY Softaculous Script ID and the latest version of that script.  Then the two could be combined into giving the needed information to compare an installed version versus the latest available version of that script.
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 sparek   Include latest version in user script info (2 Replies, Read 62447 times)
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