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 Why is nginx binary 30MB ?, Webuzo Emps suspicious activity. (1 Replies, Read 327 times)
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Been meaning to ask this for awhile, why is your nginx binary so large?

When I build it using the same exact parameters as you do, including path and all the modules the /usr/local/apps/nginx/sbin/nginx comes out 2.8MB.
Then with webuzo install, you do the exact same procedure then manually replace the file with your prebuilt 30MB binary.

Why can't you build nginx just the way it's meant to be? Should we be suspicious you're doing/spying behind our back? I mean from 3MB to 30MB is a big diff, what could add up to so much?

Let me explain it for a wider audience, what webuzo is doing, is installing nginx from normal setup, then they go to /ProgramFiles ... and replace the exe. Just like cracking a game.
Can you please indicate why your "Crack" is safe? Or why so big? is it built with LUA ? not really, you can include all nginx "free official modules" and the end result wont be 30MB.

Thanks in advance.

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Why is nginx binary 30MB ?
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Hi foreverme,

I understand your concerns, but we are doing nothing behind your back or spying on your server files or your network traffic.

The Nginx binary is large due to the Page-Speed module and it's library and dependency and nothing more otherwise, without the Page-Speed module our binary size comes around approx 9 MB

Hope this helps.
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