Topic : macOS crashes

Posted By: ljubacanoa on February 16, 2019, 3:59 pm
I'm old Linux (Arch and RH) user and recently started with macOS (I want to say that I think that I can recognize bad/wrong development - bug). Also, I'm using Bitnami and Docker, as well.

AMPPS like ANY macOS application, asking passwords too many times. I can understand it on start and services stop, but I can't understand it in the middle of the operations (read, AMPPS operations), like backup. With near 50 (49) installations, backup is essentially absolutely impossible, as it frequently asking in the middle of the backup, password and after that crash (see image 01). Clearly, backup is not done.

Password request on application start should to contain all necessary permissions requests for application fluent work. Asking passwords in the middle of the operation (see image 02) is simply, bad development (sorry if sound bad, English is not my native language). In other words, this is not a critic, rather request for bug fix (as I strongly believe how is the bug).

BTW - I'm more than curious, for what reason AMPPS asking password in the middle of the work???

Posted By: ljubacanoa on February 18, 2019, 3:55 pm | Post: 1
It looks how problem is that during AMPPS operations, Apache is crushing and that cause password requests. I must to note how I tried fixes from docs regards php, but no improvement. Maybe it happening because I switched on php 7, but ..... However, AMPPS is complete stable during work on installed applications (so, it crush only on AMPPS operations).

Any idea (help)?

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