Softaculous <![CDATA[Bolt CMS 4]]>
Bolt CMS 4 requires to make modification in server's vhost file and softaculous does not have rights to make changes in vhost file. We are trying to find work around.

Once we get any work around or fix then we will launch it.
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:26:01 GMT
<![CDATA[Softaculous 5.6.7 Launched]]>
Following is the list of changes :

1) [Bug Fix] : In Plesk, some servers not having system PHP binary /usr/bin/php faced a blank page issue while accessing Softaculous due to a change in Softaculous 5.6.6 released yesterday. This is fixed now.

If you are unable to upgrade Softaculous or still face the blank page issue please contact us via support ticket here.

The Softaculous Team]]>
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:06:48 GMT
We have sent few queries on Please check and revert.
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 07:12:28 GMT
<![CDATA[Searx - Privacy-respecting metasearch engine]]>
Thank you for the suggestion. But we can not add Searx in Softaculous as it's in Python. We only add open source PHP scripts.
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 05:28:21 GMT
<![CDATA[Can't access my website via old editor...]]> Clicking the 'Access Old Editor' button still doesn't do anything.
Still can't access website for urgent update.

What is the solution please?
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 02:18:07 GMT
<![CDATA[Bolt CMS 4]]>
When do you expect to include Bolt CMS 4? Currently you have version 3.

Do you have plans to offer both?

Thank you
Sat, 27 Feb 2021 02:04:13 GMT
<![CDATA[Softaculous breaks RemoveHandler and SetHandler in MediaWiki]]>
.htaccess isn't getting overwritten. It's just not working.

But i see now that in a manual mw install (not softaculous), the same .htaccess (above) isn't working. So this isn't a softaculous issue.

Fri, 26 Feb 2021 20:01:28 GMT
<![CDATA[500 Internal Server Error Truncated Response Header]]>
malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)
[wsgi:error] [pid 1939510] [client] Truncated or oversized response headers received from  daemon process.
AH00052: child pid 2211625 exit signal Aborted (6)

Previously, I used a manually installed version of Apache with the same website and configuration files and it displayed my website correctly and with no errors. When I try to use the Webuzo Panel to display my website, it doesn't work.

Fri, 26 Feb 2021 19:29:20 GMT
<![CDATA[Ghost Installer]]>
Quote From : Brijesh August 4, 2020, 5:24 am

Ghost is not available in the Softaculous apps library.

Do you have plans to include it again in near future?
Fri, 26 Feb 2021 17:52:08 GMT
<![CDATA[Talkyard]]> ]]> Fri, 26 Feb 2021 17:18:48 GMT