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 Security (1 Replies, Read 3814 times)
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Software integration suggestions regarding security :

ModSecurity https://modsecurity.org/
Shorewall http://shorewall.net/
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I also approve for mod_security for nginx : http://www.modsecurity.org/projects/modsecurity/nginx/

...but i don't understand why you would like an integration of shorewall : if you need it, it's an easy one to install and it should work if you just open the same ports you can see in the default firewall.    I think it's not virtualizor who need to release an integration for this third party tool.  Shorewall team should perform development on this, or someone else, since it's a third party script.  I think they are doing it great with their current firewall...  they are maybe missing something like psad though, but it's also easy to install.
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