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 Per user script listings, Allow select scripts to only show up for specific users (1 Replies, Read 5662 times)
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I haven't used the Plans feature in Softaculous, perhaps it does this, but I don't think it's as generalized.

The problem:  Say we have a list of scripts available in Softaculous for all of our users.  Say the script - Textpattern - isn't in that list.  Say we have 1 user on the server that wants to install Textpattern.  Currently the only way to allow that is to enable Textpattern server-wide for everyone user to use.

I suppose you might be able to conjure something up using the Plans feature, but it seems like a lot of hoops to jump through for just a small task.  (Clone the package, update the cloned package to include a Softaculous list that enables Textpattern, then upgrade the user to that new cloned plan.  Now if he ever changes his plan, you'll have this all to do over again).

The simplest solution, it would seem to me, would be to allow certain script to be enabled on a per user basis.  If the user wants Textpattern in their Softaculous we (server administrators) can simply enable Textpattern for this user and it will show up in their Softaculous in their control panel.

It is becoming increasingly problematic with scripts that are just abandoned by their developers.  Softaculous has a wide assortment of scripts available.  And they keep them up to date pretty well too.  But when a developer of a script stops developing their script and just abandons it, it tends to just sit there and rot in Softaculous.  Softaculous has done a good job of helping us to identify which scripts might've been abandoned by their developers, but this can only go so far.

A better solution, I think, would be to allow for a base set of known reputable and well maintained scripts (i.e. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, etc - by all means leaving this up to individual server administrators to define) and then when some random user wants to install a script not in this reputable set, then that script can be enabled for that specific user by the server administrator.  That means only that user would see (for example) Textpattern in their Softaculous, so it wouldn't be "accidentally" installed by some other random user and left to be abandoned.

We try to keep the list of scripts we have available in Softaculous pruned to include scripts that we can better vouch for.  But every once and a while, we'll get a request from a user that wants to install another script that we don't have enabled in Softaculous.  We then have to enable that script globally for everyone to use just so that 1 user can install it.  It would be nice if we could just enable the script for that 1 user.
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Per user script listings
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Sorry for the delay in response.

It seems allowing to assign a user to multiple plans would resolve this issue.

So a user would be assigned to a standard plan and when you want to enable a particular script for a user you create a new plan and assign that new script in the new plan and assign the user to that plan. The user will inherit the scripts from both the plans.

And when a new user request the same script you can assign that user as well to the new plan.

We will discuss this internally how we can work on this.

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