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 Webuzo 3.6.8 Launched (0 Replies, Read 3051 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released version 3.6.8 which includes some fixes:

1) [Bug-Fix] Bandwidth set to 0 was not considered as unlimited causing suspension and unsuspension issues. This is fixed.

2) [Bug-Fix] Auto unsuspend user due to bandwidth overuse was not working. This is fixed.

3)[Bug-Fix] Notices were generated in Admin Panel for the services even if it was stopped. This is fixed.

4)[Bug-Fix] PHP version set for the user's primary domain was not correctly showing in Enduser panel under Server Info . This is fixed.

5) [Bug-Fix] If the Admin changed/upgraded the OS , Webuzo did not update the OS name automatically. This is fixed.

6) [Bug-Fix] File manager failed to extract Big files. This is fixed.

7) [Bug-Fix] Enduser Terminal was not allowed for jailshelled user's. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] Adding panel custom port was not accessible if firewall was enabled. This is fixed.

Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to sales@webuzo.com

The Webuzo Team

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 salman   Webuzo 3.6.8 Launched (0 Replies, Read 3051 times)

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