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 Unclear Feature since 2.9.4 (1 Replies, Read 1218 times)
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Hi @softaculous ,

can you please further explain this feature introduced in 2.9.4:

7) [Feature] We have added support for PIGZ Compression. During migration and backups, if compression is enabled GZip is used to compress the files. PIGZ is a faster compression utility and uses threading.

We had a long discussion about using gzip, pigz, lzop etc. and how it is implemented in Virtualizor.

I do understand the feature description so, that if we enable compression for backup/migration gzip is used. If compression is not enabled pigz is used.

Is that correct?

As we had a long discussion about this here


I assume that pigz support does not work out of the box.

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 wolke   Unclear Feature since 2.9.4 (1 Replies, Read 1218 times)
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