Topic : vm package error and drop when using Vitio/intel E1000

Posted By: hendranata on May 9, 2019, 5:04 am
i have tested 3 server virtualizor and all result are same..

when i create VPS KVM with template os centos or ubuntu, here the result:

centos 7.6, RX error always increased every second when using adapter intel E1000
centos 7.6, RX drop always increased every second when using adapter virtio.
however when using realtech seems no error and drop at all.

ii have check the main node with main ethernet eth0 there is no error and drop that always increase every second.. also i have check to the switch, all are normal no error and drop. so i assume no issue with switch and cable..

i guess something wrong with the bridge that connect from VM to main node..

anybody face similar issue?

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