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 Master Server on Vmware, Installing master server on high performance ESXi (1 Replies, Read 2858 times)
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We have 12 large dedicated server we intend on migrating all our VMs from our Openstack platform.

We want to know if running the Master server on a VM is ok. We have 10Gbit interfaces and networking and there are only a few other VMs running on this server.

Initially we will add a few slaves both KVM and OpenVZ. We will NOT run any VMs on the master VM.

All our dedicated servers have 2 interfaces and 1 we use for private networking.

Is is possible to tell Virtualizor to use a particular interface for traffic and one for customer VPS machines ?

Also does Virtualizor support aliasing in the form of eth1:0 is we wanted to split our private network as we can also use the 10Gbit which we only have on eth1...the other eth0 is only 1Gbit.

We are ecited to move as we are going to save in server fees as with our NSX and Openstack setup we needed 4 servers just for NSX so now we will save a small fortune.
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Master Server on Vmware
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You can easily install Master on VM. This is a recommended method.

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