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 Database created but not importing SQL (8 Replies, Read 2864 times)
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I've created a custom package and it is running nicely, apart from the fact that the database isn't being setup correctly.

In my install.php I have the following:

PHP Code

 $sqlPath '/tmp/' $software['softname'] . '.sql';

After the installation runs, the SQL dump file appears in the /tmp folder correctly. However, the sub_import() function isn't running correctly.

I don't see any errors, and manually importing the SQL to the same database from the dump file works fine. I may be looking in the wrong place but my /var/softaculous/error_log is empty and I can't find anything in other logs I've seen - maybe I'm missing the correct one?

If someone can suggest something to try next I'd appreciate it.
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 LeonardChallis   Database created but not importing SQL (8 Replies, Read 2864 times)
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