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 Contact Form mail going to spam, Contact form Emails get sent to spam due to RETURN-PATH (1 Replies, Read 2957 times)
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The contact form PHP mailer does not set the RETURN-PATH for the email (although I think it does if using SMTP) .The return path is set as server return path
(eg cpanel-username@servername.domain.com)

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Contact Form mail going to spam
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Seems Softaculous has some lack of support. Some questions totally do not get answered, which is a pity.
I presume this has to do with this:https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=14569
So the same problem can occur with notifications.

We were having the same problem. When php mail is used, the hostname is used to send the mail like this:root@server.domain.com
This can cause issues when the same email address is used for multiple servers like admin@otherdomain.com as admin mails.
Problem is that mail is send from the hostname, but the admin email is in the header. So even if you have added the server IP in SPF, it will get a fail because there is no return path present.
This could be added as an option in Softaculous because php mail does support that. And would make live easier for admins not wanting to make use of smtp for Softaculous.

That's why I bumped this thread.
It would be good if Softaculous would add a returnpath into their script, or automatically use the from email address as return path.
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