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 Very Small Bug, In emails (1 Replies, Read 4163 times)
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Hello there,

I recently got my host to install Softaculous and im very happy with it, i installed over 15 installs. Later i checked my emails and got something like this:
A new installation of phpBB has been made. Following are the details of the installation :
Path : /home/....../public_html/phpbb
URL : http://........./phpbb
MySQL Database : ....._phpbb
MySQL DB User : ......._phpbb
MySQL DB Host : localhost
MySQL DB Password : .........
Time of Installation : <b>Today</b> at 7:14 am
Now the bug is that the email isnt in HTML yet the <b> and </b> tags are used. I think you need to add the Content Type: HTML header in so that they will be displayed correctly :D

Sorry for reporting such a small bug :P

IP: --   

 umarsa   Very Small Bug, In emails (1 Replies, Read 4163 times)
    |--  alons   Thanks we will...   on June 1, 2009, 3:30 am

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