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 WHMCS Upgrade plan & master link (4 Replies, Read 1113 times)
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Hi, I am new to Virtualizor and my experience so far is pretty amazing. Installment and configuring was smooth sailing.

We have setup WHMCS and Virtualizor together so we have auto-provisioning. I have two questing however.

1. Does the WHMCS module support upgrading plans? If clients needs a more powerful VPS they can do the upgrade from WHMCS

2. On the client page on WHMCS there is a button/link that sends the client to Virtualizor Enduser panel, this link is using the Master IP, is it possible to make it use an URL instead?

Thank you for your time.

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 northnetworking   WHMCS Upgrade plan & master link (4 Replies, Read 1113 times)
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    |--  northnetworking   Hi, Yes, users...   on August 13, 2019, 10:35 pm
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