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 Ability to Edit Domains (1 Replies, Read 5185 times)
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I do not see the ability to edit a domain. It would be excellent if you added an edit button that would allow me to modify the servername and the path. If I update the vhosts file manually ampps does not recognize the changes. Perhaps there should be an advanced edit mode where the vhost tag is in a textarea that I can fully edit. After you edit in advanced mode you can save it and test it with apache's built in config test utility. If it passes save and restart, if not revert and prompt with an error so I can fix it in the textarea.

Thank you!
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 anthonycl   Ability to Edit Domains (1 Replies, Read 5185 times)
    |--  tidus   Hi, I do...   on April 11, 2012, 3:57 pm

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