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 Virtualizor using Raid10 (1 Replies, Read 1947 times)
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I want to set up a server using Virtualizor and raid10. I already install the OS and have a raid10 for / and I left the bulk of the space for LVM use for the virtual machines.

I am having trouble figuring out where to start. Do I install Virtualizor like normal and then create the raid partitions and the raid10 array and somehow tell Virtualizor to use the raid10 array for storage?

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Virtualizor using Raid10
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You can do one way or the other. When you add storage to virtualizor, you need to give the empty(!) volumegroup which virtualizor should use. It will take care about anything else. You can also give that VG already as an install option.

As long as the VG is freshly created (does not contain any LV) it should work fine.

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