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Posted By: vardana on February 3, 2023, 6:41 am
SpeedyCache is a Cache plugin, which helps in improving the page speed and improves user experience, by serving cached pages of the website. SpeedyCache is not just confined just to cache, it provides other features to improve page speed.

Caching: Storing copies of the web pages of the desktop version. Caching happens when a user visits a webpage on your website.

Precache: Precache creates a cache at regular intervals of time reducing the load on the server to cache files.

Combine CSS: Combines CSS files present in the header of the page reducing HTTP requests.

Minify CSS: Reduces the size of the CSS files.

Automatic Cache: If enabled it will cache immediately after a page/post is created/updated.

Combine JS: Combines JS files present in the header of the page reducing HTTP requests.

GZIP: It applies GZIP compression on the files hence reducing the file size sent from the server.

Browser Caching: Caches the website on the browser of the client for repeating visitors.

Disable Emojis: You can remove the emoji inline CSS and wp-emoji-release.min.js.

Exclude: You can exclude certain Pages, User-Agent, Cookies, CSS, or JS from being cached.

CDN: CDN helps improve website speed by placing the static files of your cached on their network of servers hence helping deliver content faster at any point in the world.

Image Optimization: Image optimization is a way to convert an image to next-gen image formats like webp which load images faster on the web.

Instant Page: It loads the page just before user clicks the link, reducing the page load time.

Google Fonts: Google fonts are also seen as render-blocking so this feature helps load Google fonts asynchronously.

Local Google Fonts: Cache the Google fonts to be compliant with the GDPR rules.

Lazy Load: Loading all assets at once can make the page load slower hence lazy load helps by only loading certain resources when they come into the viewport.

Minify HTML: It removes empty lines, line breaks, minifies inline Js And Css, and removes comments and space in Tags.

Advanced Minify CSS: Reduces CSS file size.

Minify JS: Reduces JS file size.

Advanced Combine JS: Combines JS files placed in the footer section helping reduce HTTP calls.

Render-blocking JS: It defers render-blocking JS to improve First Contentful paint.

Delete Cache Stats: Provides statistics about the cached files of Desktop or Mobile versions and combined/ minified versions of CSS and JS.

Mobile Theme: Caches the mobile version of your website and shows that version on mobile devices.

Database Cleanup: Database cleanup helps you free up your database storage from temporary data, trashed contents, and post revisions which may take a lot of your database storage.

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