Topic : IP select from vlan / Old Templates / Empty Promise from Virtualizor.

Posted By: fsit on September 11, 2019, 11:36 am
I'm doing it publicly now. For two years Virtualizor promises things that are not kept.
I run two vlan (native and vlan 1008) on the host:

Board Image

If the system now takes an IPv4 address from the vlan1008 (ID 10), then it must inevitably also take an IPv6 (12) from the vlan1008. Otherwise it will not work! (Basic network knowledge).
Currently it is so, if it takes an IPv4 address from vlan1008 (ID10), then it takes from the vlan native (ID6) an IPv6 addresses.

It is inexplicable to me how Virtualizor simply ignores this for several years and does not solve it! Countless tickets open, explaining the situation to you. You said you make a solution .. Now I am already waiting the second year ....

Too bad the Virtualizor only makes empty promises. The same goes for the OS templates. These are simply not traced and simply ignored .. (This concerns me in the KVM)

Meanwhile, I am very angry about Virtualizer

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