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 Paquete personalizado de WordPress, Personalizar Scripts (1 Replies, Read 383 times)
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Buenas tardes, tengo un Wordpress personalizado con un tema y unos pluging, y quiero crear un paquete siguiendo este enlace:


He seguido todos los pasos pero el problema lo tengo en la base de datos, ¿Como tengo que exportar la base de datos del Wordpress personalizado para que no me de errores cuando hace la instalación el nuevo Wordpress clonado?

No se si ha quedado claro es un poco complicado de explicar, si necesitan algún dato más por favor pídanlo.

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Paquete personalizado de WordPress
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If you want to just add themes and plugins you can do it using the following guides :

This is better approach as compared to Custom WordPress package as in case of custom WordPress package you will need to update the package every time there is an update available for WordPress.

However if you use the above guide to add plugins and themes independently you will not need to update it every time there is an update in WordPress because the default WordPress package in Softaculous will be used and your themes and plugins will be installed over the default installation.

The Custom WordPress package is useful when you want to make some other changes to the WordPress package like modify the core files or make changes in database, etc

Do let us know if you have any questions.

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