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I've been using Softaculous for many years through my host company, Liquidweb, and I've installed various software using your fantastic tools.

I have a request, and I want to pitch this idea so you'll see why it makes a lot of sense for Softaculous to do this. I write books and narrate books, and I want to self-host my audiobooks on my virtual private server at Liquidweb, so people can browse, purchase, and download them. Audiobookshelf also has apps for Apple and Android for people to listen to the audiobooks. The reason I want to do this is because Amazon (via ACX) takes 75% of my profit, and I only get 25% (40% for exclusive but I need to distribute wider than Amazon). The other audiobook aggregators and distributors take as much as 60% or more also, so we end up with a tiny share of the retail price. All audiobook creators, like me, are a little frustrated with Amazon taking 75% of our retail price, and they don't even give us the right to price our products. They price them at their whim.

So there are tens of thousands of audiobook owners like me who want the ability to host and sell our own audiobooks. We already have Woocommerce (and other tools) to sell and collect the money--we just need a way to host the audiobooks, and Audiobookshelf will do the job. It is open source software and works great once installed.

My request is that you add Audiobookshelf to your Softaculous toolbox so we can just install it like we install all the software you make available through our C-Panels. Right now there is no way for non-programmers to install Audiobookshelf on our hosted servers. We need a service like Softaculous to get it installed. If this is available to us through Softaculous, it will double or triple the income of all audiobook creators. Do you realize how BIG that would be?
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 GenesisMan   Audiobookshelf, Add Audiobookshelf to Softaculous (1 Replies, Read 2242 times)
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