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 problem with cname e demo template, the cname not working (0 Replies, Read 882 times)
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hi I have a problem with demos. I tried to set the cname for the template demos but it doesn't work. i use ovh for domains and plesk with centos 7 on contabo server. I configured in the following way:
1- installed sitepad from plesk extensions

2- inserted everything for the whitelabel

3- when I open the site, if I click on demo, it opens the demo on your domain. so I tried to go to ovh, create a cname with demo.creazionisitoweb.it with record demos.sitepad.com.

4- I create a site on a space and open it. as soon as I choose a theme and click on demo, it starts but then it is redtioned on your site.

the configuration should be correct. did I do something wrong?

the domain points to the server for the primary domain as a record and with cname to demos.sitepad.com.
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