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 Webuzo 3.3.0 Launched (0 Replies, Read 9824 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released version 3.3.0. This version has many features like 2FA for Admin/Enduser, Certs for Webuzo Services, Email address importer, Default email address for domains, System updates wizard, RPMDB Rebuild wizard, Install OS packages, etc.

The following are the list of the changes in 3.3.0 :

1) [Feature] Added 2FA for Enduser and Admin Panel.
You can check our docs on how to enable Two-Factor Authentication Click Here

2) [Feature] Added System update wizard in Admin panel where admin can update all the system packages to the latest version.

3) [Feature] Added RPMDB rebuild wizard in Admin panel for (Centos/Almalimux) where the Admin can rebuild rpm databases if it has become corrupt.

4) [Feature] Added Install OS packages wizard in Admin Panel.

5) [Feature] Added Change Domain IP wizard in Admin Panel where admin can change any domain IP.

6) [Feature] Added option to install Lets Encrypt / ZeroSSL certificate for Webuzo Services.

7) [Feature] Added Email Address Importer in Enduser.

8) [Feature] Added Default Email Address wizard for emails in Enduser.

10) [Improvement] Left panel search improved in Admin Panel.

11) [Improvement] Added Restart Services section in Admin Panel where admin can go to specific service to restart with new highlight guide.

12) [Improvement] Added Raw log download section in Admin Panel where admin can go to specific download logs section with new highlight guide.

13) [Task] Netmask option for IPs is now added in Admin Panel.

14) [Task] IPs will now be added to the OS when an IP is added in Webuzo.

15) [Task] Added Webmail auto login from Enduser. Now user does not need to fill the email credentials to login to webmail from the Webuzo Panel. Webuzo will automatically sign into the email account of the user.

16) [Bug-Fix] Admin Email Deliverability wizard was not creating DNS records for the hostname. This is fixed.

17) [Bug-Fix] Bandwidth calculation had a bug due to which users were getting suspended when hourly cron was executed. This is fixed.

18) [Bug-Fix] PHP Service restart notices were there even when no users added in Webuzo. This is fixed.

19) [Security-Fix] There is a security fix related to the skeleton directory wizard. We urge all users to please update to the latest version.
Click here for the full article:https://www.webuzo.com/blog/webuzo-3-3-0-launched/

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