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 error 404, but it can't load, only broken images, and template has error 404 error. (1 Replies, Read 5256 times)
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I have a very similar problem.
softaculous install ispconfig3 it works perfectly.
when ispconfig is the left menu, I click on the autoinstall menu (here within ispconfig3 the installable programs should appear as on the softaculous home page.
but it can't load, only broken images, and template has error 404 error.
https://mail.hostingozd.hu:8080/themes/default/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css?5.7.2 net :: ERR_ABORTED 404
I would not copy the rest.
but it does not load.
the / var / softwww / folder exists and is linked to softimages and themes in / usr / local / softaculous / enduser /

Contents of /usr/local/softaculous/php.ini reason:
extension = mysqlnd.so
extension = curl.so
extension = soap.so
extension = posix.so
extension = json.so
extension = xml.so
extension = ftp.so
extension = mbstring.so
extension = simplexml.so

the op system debian 10
ISPConfig Version: 3.2.5
web: apache2
php: 7.3
please help.
if I link an image access, eg:
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.
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error 404
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It looks like you are clicking on the "Auto Installer" link in the left menu. Using the "Softaculous" link just below that should work.

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