Topic : Webuzo 3.6.1 Launched

Posted By: salman on December 1, 2022, 7:00 am

The Webuzo Team has released version 3.6.1 which includes Incremental Backups feature and minor UI fixes :

1) [Feature] Added ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS). Guide to install CXS.

2) [Improvement] Improved Mod Security Add Custom Vendor wizard

3) [Improvement] Auto Create folders for Plus Email Addressing will now be disabled by default on new installs of Webuzo. The settings will not be changed for existing Webuzo installs

4) [Improvement] ClamAV service has been added.

5) [Improvement] Dovecot global option added for + emails to be delivered to the inbox instead of new folder. Infact for new Webuzo installs, this will be default.

6) [Bug-Fix] Added checks for Webuzo PHP-FPM settings that can be configured via the Admin Panel. Wrong settings set by an Admin could result in Webuzo service failing. This is now fixed.

7) [Bug-Fix] Admin Backup rotation would rotate across multiple backup locations. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] cPanel importer from backup file would fail because of missing old DNS IPs. This is fixed.

9) [Bug-Fix] cPanel importer would replace IP in DNS records name with $webserver_IP if there was an entry. This would cause BIND to fail. This is fixed.

10) [Bug-Fix] First time accessing Webuzo was showing blank page due to bruteforce_logs.db (when db did not exist) incorrect variable names. This is fixed.

11) [Bug-Fix] Nginx Reverse Proxy was failing for force HTTPS. This is fixed.

12) [Bug-Fix] Forwarder would send a bounce even when the email was delivered. This is fixed.

13) [Bug-Fix] Exim logs had an error shown due to valias_domain_file router. This is fixed.

Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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