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The Softaculous Team is very happy to announce the launch of a new software - Webuzo :

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Webuzo is Softaculous STANDALONE and it doesn’t need a PANEL.
You can install Webuzo on any VPS, Dedicated Server or deploy it in the form of Virtual Appliances.
Webuzo has all the 200 Apps of Softaculous and we are adding more as well :)
In addition it also has Domain Management Capabilities, MySQL Management, phpMyAdmin, FTP Support, etc.

So what is so different about Webuzo ?
- Well you dont need a control panel in the first place, so you save on the resources a Control Panel uses.
- The performance of your Apps are much better.
- You are in full control of your machine and no other user can interfere with your machine
- You can deploy 200 Apps.
- PHP, MySQL, PERL is also supported.

The Demo of Webuzo is available at the following URL :
http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser/ (Enduser Interface to install Apps)
http://demo.webuzo.com/ (Admin Inetrface)

What is Webuzo Virtual Appliances ?
A Webuzo Virtual Appliance is a virtual machine that has all the server based applications packed in a single unit that makes it much easier to use.
Webuzo Virtual Appliances can help you deploy Apps much faster and save your precious time so that you can concentrate on your work.
At present we offer more than 160+ Virtual Appliances. These Virtual Appliances are compatible with VMWare products and Oracle's VirtualBox.
Our virtual appliance is based on CentOS x86_64 Platform.
You can deploy Webuzo Virtual Appliances on your Desktop, in the Office or for local Intranet usage.

We have made a Video of how easy it is to use a Webuzo Virtual Appliance :

You can Download any of the Virtual Appliances from our Webuzo.com by visiting the respective Application page. e.g. you get the MediWiki Virtual Appliance from the following link :

So whats the installation procedure in case of VPS and Dedicated Servers ?
Installing Webuzo is very simple. You can install Webuzo on any freshly installed CentOS Machine :

Can I deploy this on the Cloud ?
Yes, you can as long you use a CentOS instance. We are also working on a interface where you can deploy Apps in seconds on Clouds like the Amazon EC2, RackSpace Cloud, etc.

Is this a Shared Hosting Control Panel ?
No, it is not a Shared hosting control panel as only one user can be created.
You can add any number of Domains and subdomains but only under the single account created.
Since its not a Shared Hosting Panel it works much faster as it has only the required server software for these Apps.

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If you have any queries or feedback for us, please let us know.

The Softaculous Team

Edited by alons : June 24, 2011, 12:52 pm

For immediate support please email us at our Support email address. PMs sent to any Softaculous Team member or posting in the forums is not the official way to get support.

Virtualizor - The Next Generation VPS Panel
Webuzo - It is Softaculous Standalone for Enterprises, SMB, Developers. Deploy it on Dedicated Servers, VPS, Virtual Appliances or the Cloud
Pinguzo - Server and Domain Monitoring tool
PopularFX - Marketplace of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Bootstrap themes
Remote Installer - Use Softaculous over FTP/FTPS/SFTP
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