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 SQlitemanager and Rockmongo don't work in AMPPS linux 3.8, I have noticed that SQLIteManager and RockMongo do not work in Ampps 3.8 for Linux (0 Replies, Read 11677 times)
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I have noticed that both RockMongo and SQLIteManager give me an error when I go to use them on my Linux AMPPS 3.8.

I noticed that there is a discrepency in the capitlalization on the word SQLitemanager. In one place it has capital SQL and in the httpd.conf it only has capital SQ followed by litemanager.  Again, One has 3 letters capitalized, and then the other location has 2 letters capitalized. I don't USE SQLite enough, I mean, I'm a DBA, I use it quite a bit for some things, but not much for web development (yet).

I *WANT* to try to fix it, but I'm too nervous about breaking this thing. I love Ampps and Softaculous, and it has hindered my development growth not being able to use it for the last little while.

in /usr/local/ampps/conf/https.conf I show
Alias /sqlite = "{$path}/SQiteManager"

in the file system at the location
I show the name of the SQL Lite Manager to be capitalized incorrectly

I'm pretty sure that this discrepency is why the link

is returning in firefox
You don't have permission to access /sqlite on this server.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting 3.9 AMPPS on Linux.  But because I haven't had the best luck with this, I'm sure not going to try to fix the SQLiteManager capitalization issue. I Just can't risk it, and I have too many VPS right now, because I needed to get some decent time with softaculous.

I haven't been able to figure out the Windows Installer Prerequisites for quite some time. I have about 50 different versions of the .NET Framework and the C++ redist, and I just really need more technical guidance about WHICH version of the C++ redist I need, because the version you have just doesn't work for me.

I think think that you guys should consider integrating your instance of apache so that it is easier to configure with Webmin.  Setting up sites works great on AMPPS.  But it would be nice to have a GUI for when things go wrong.

I had quite a few problems where the Softaculous apps wouldn't install because the version of Php was too low. and I had quite a few situations where the PHP-Zip library was missing. It would be nice to get through those 2 problems.

Let me know how I can help!
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