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 Wordpress Install Questions (1 Replies, Read 6505 times)
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Hi, im on the install screen on Softaculous and im about to do my first wordpress install and I have some questions I hope someone can answer...

Choose Protocol - I don't think this is a vital part but im thinking I should change it to 'www' URL version because it looks more familiar?

In Directory - I should leave this part empty if I want my wordpress blog to be visible at mywebsite.com instead of mywebsite.com/wp. Is this correct?

Database Name - It says wp then a seemingly random 3 digit number. Do I need to change this to something more secure?

Table Prefix - The default is wp_ but im planning on having a network of wordpress blogs on one install. As im setting this one up first, will it be the 'primary' blog and all others will come under it? And as such should I leave it at wp_? Or should I change it to mydomain_ (example) and the others would be mydomain2_ mydomain3_ etc.

Enable Multisite (WPMU) - Im thinking I need to tick this box if I want to have a network of Wordpress blogs? That's what I assumed but I read on another site that if you tick this box a 'blog' tag will automatically be added to your site URL eg. www.mydomain.com/blog. This is something I don't want so can anyone tell me if it's true?

I realise these are noob questions and Softaculous is a simple thing but I just want to get everything right first time so I don't have to go back and change things, which I imagine being more complicated.
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Wordpress Install Questions
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Choose Protocol - You can choose the www as it is just an alias of your domain.

In Directory - This is the directory in which you wish to install the script. If you leave it blank it will install on the root of the domain i.e. mydomain.com

Database Name - You can change it to anything you wish. Softaculous creates this by adding a few random numbers to the name of the script. You can change it for your convenience.

Table Prefix - This is the table prefix for your installation. If you wish you can keep it wp_ for this time and then use wp2_ , wp3_ and so on.

Enable Multisite (WPMU) - This is the WordPress multisite option provided by WordPress. If enabled you can create the multiple sites from the WordPress.

You can test installing WordPress on the Softaculous Demo and check if the Multisite option is the one you are looking for.

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