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 Documentation and some help needed (1 Replies, Read 3580 times)
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Just installed softaculous and managed to install wordpress. From the localhost (address )  the wordpress site can be reached.

The local host is running in a LAN and the IMac on which it is running has the IP-addres

But now I want to reach that Wordpress site from another client in my LAN. When I type from another computer (the laptop)  which has IP-address e.g. to go to the address (where the server is running on the IMac)  I do see the ampps screen (which is the index screen with folders and directories); the URL says. which is good (I now the server is running on that IP-address). 

But when I click on the folder [wordpress] the browser jumps to and it says that it can not connect to the server...which I understand, because the server is running on my iMac, on not on my laptop. What am I doing wrong  how can I reach the localhost from another client in my LAN.

I need more documentation, where can I find it.

many thanks in advance,

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Documentation and some help needed
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Sir you will first have to add a domain and then install WordPress on that domain. Then you can access it on your network. You may refer to the following documentation on how to add a domain:
You may also refer to this page:

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