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 Purchasing premium Wordpress (1 Replies, Read 1151 times)
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Hello, I'm about to take a premium trial to use WordPress for my website in InterWorx. But I wish to ask once I purchase the premium will it also apply to my other domains which are hosted at the same hosting? or only one domain that I currently purchase there?

For details, I have 2 domain that has registered in the Namecheap with the same IP address and I have already purchased the host InterWorx. And so when I try to edit the website, I notice I can only install WordPress on one domain only. So I just want to make sure by asking a question here, does it only apply to the current domain I install there? or it actually can auto-installed to other domains with the same host?
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Purchasing premium Wordpress
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If you purchase a Softaculous Enduser license (which starts with SOFTA-) then it will be applied on that particular control panel account in your case the SiteWorx account. So any number of domains you have in the same control panel account can use Softaculous premium.

If you purchase a server license which starts with numbers is applied on the whole server i.e. any user or any domain hosted on the same server can use Softaculous premium.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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